Scarfight was first conceived in 2013, by a person whom passionate about Mixed Martial Arts. The idea then brings forth an opportunity to contribute in Indonesian martial arts community in a form of opening a store and becoming an authorized retailer of MMA brands. Our very first store is now operating on normal trading hours and is located at Ambassador Mall Kuningan Level 1 No.20.

Our mission is to inspire, to equip, and to support every single person out there who embraces the same ideology of driving towards greatness and to be victorious. Scarfight offers large varieties of original and trademarked Mixed Martial Arts brands at a very competitive price. Not only we do pre-order but we also stock thousands of products that are available and ready to be displayed and delivered. Fighters, Martial Artists, Athletes, Trainers, Practitioners, Fans and those who also appreciate martial arts are our utmost beloved customers. Scarfight gladly provide services in ways that are true and helpful to customers.
Our purpose of existence is to be first, no less. We refuse to settle for second best. We stand behind the value we believe in. Trust Scarfight! Scarfight will continue to advance and impacting in the Indonesian Mixed Martial Arts community by bringing only the best brands, the biggest trends, the finest collections, stronger relationships, and finally returning back to the community.